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Chiropractic Services at Pleasant Grove, Utah 

Welcome to our Pleasant Grove, UT, clinic, where you’ll receive the best chiropractic care. Our leading chiropractor ensures that any time you leave our clinic, all your questions about chiropractic care are answered. 


Our clinic serves people from the whole Utah County area including Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Orem, Cedar Hills, American Fork, Orem, and Lehi. We offer chiropractic care for auto injuries, whiplash, headaches, back and knee pain, and more. 

What Happens During Your First Visit

We take care of you from the minute you come to schedule an appointment. After filling out our new patient intake form, we proceed to book you a consultation with our leading chiropractor. If there is a need, we might recommend an X-ray, depending on your condition. Our chiropractor will share any findings with you and proceed to make treatment recommendations.  

Get Our Specialized Services 

Chiropractic adjustment is one of the services we offer. Our chiropractor uses gentle chiropractic techniques for spinal correction. Our chiropractor has years of experience and uses more modern correction methods for chiropractic adjustment. 

We offer spinal and postural screenings at health fairs, community events, and area malls. If you want us to conduct the same screenings at your workplace or an event, just schedule an appointment. 

Our clinic also offers massage therapy. Our chiropractor uses a more natural approach to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Massage therapy helps in relaxing muscles, reducing swelling, and relieving muscle pain and spasm. 

At Chiropractic USA Utah, we offer diagnosis and treatment for neuropathy as well. Symptoms of neuropathy include weakness, pain, numbness, burning sensation, electric shock sensations, or tingling in any part of your body. 

Why Visit Chiropractic USA?

Not only does our chiropractic care team offer services that help treat pain, but we also come up with a wellness plan to ensure your continued good health. We advise our patients on the kind of activities that are favorable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

We also advise our clients on the kind of nutritional plan they should follow. Not all supplements are good for your body, and our chiropractors can advise you on which vitamins and supplements to take. 

Book Us for the Best in Chiropractic Care!

If you’re looking for a chiropractor near you in the Utah County area including Pleasant Grove, visit Chiropractic USA UT. We serve people from all over Orem, Lindon, American Fork, Cedar Hills, and Lehi. 

Our chiropractor and team will treat whiplash, auto injuries, neuropathy, back and neck. Call us and book an appointment with a chiropractor near you at (801) 785-7874. Don’t let pain ruin your happy moments! We are the chiropractor near you. 

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