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Chiropractic USA is the world's largest group of wellness based chiropractic clinics.

We practice the highest level of patient care, delivered by some of the most accoplished chiropractors in the world!  We offer the assurance and quality guarantee only a national brand can offer:  When you're the biggest, you can afford to be the best. chiro_picture.jpg

To understand wellness, think of sickness as the absence of good health, not as something tangible a person can acquire.

We all know that a room cannot be filled with darkness; a dark room simply lacks the presence of light, as a sick body lacks the presence of good health.  Now, open an outside door allowing light to pour in and fill the room.  Chiropractic adjustments open the door to health, allowing energy to flow throughout your body.  Proper energy flow means your body will function at optimal levels enabling you to achieve better health.

Your body was designed for optimal health and wellness- a lifetime of internal and external factors contribute to the deterioration of peak performance.

Stock_pictures_040_1.jpg The human brain and nervous system are programmed for optimal health and performance and will manifest this unless there is an interference somewhere in the system.  Establishing an uninterrupted nerve flow is the key to optimal healing.  Millions of electrical impulses are sent from your brain to your body's cells every minute of the day, and equally important, from every cell in your body back to your brain.

Anything that interrupts the proper flow of energy through your nervous system should set off triggers and alarms in the body.  But it doesn't- not until damage has already been accumulated.

Since your spinal cord runs inside your spinal column, it stands to reason that the spinal column has the greatest opportunity to interfere with nerve flow.

In fact, that's exactly what does occur. Imagine the twenty-four moveable vertebrae which make up the spinal column (including the skull, sacrum, and pelvis) undergoing continuous pressure from gravity. Then add tension from prolonged or unusual patterns of sitting and/or standing. Consider next the strain from walking, exercising, or mild to significant personal, professional, and emotional tension. If that's not enough, it's also well known that chemical toxicity from diet, medications, and the environment cause reflexive stress to your spine. It's a wonder that the healthy vital messages from the brain ever get to the body at all!

Stock_pictures_034_1.jpg "Chiropractic USA has set the standard in chiropractic practice with successful, quality, principle-based franchises throughout the United States. Chiropractic USA focuses on the benefits for the millions of people who will become familiar with the Chiropractic USA family. The Chiropractic USA movement will aid people in realizing why a chiropractor should be part of every American't healthcare team."

When a spinal vertebrae shifts out of place, it puts a considerable amount of pressure on the spinal cord and the nervous system.

This condition is known as vertebral subluxation. Subluxations can begin at birth and progress throughout life.   Interruption to proper nerve flow by subluxations can affect you mentally and physically. Decreased nerve flow jeopardizes healthy cell metabolism, organ function, and moment to moment mental alertness and focus.

Correcting subluxations improves the body's ability to heal to its full potential. That's why with Chiropractic USA, it is very common to see whole families choosing chiropractic- beacause no one is ever too young or too old to obtain and maintain a healthy nervous system!

Stock_pictures_218_1.jpg Chiropractic USA's goal is to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through chiropractic corrective care.

Today, chiropractic is becoming the number one choice in restoring and maintaining optimal health. Individual and family plans are available following an initial check-up and consultation to see if your case can be accepted.

Chiropractic is the simplest way to get well and stay well for life, and Chiropractic USA is the most trusted name in chiropractic wellness.

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