Utah Personal Injury Protection Pip

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Understanding Utah "PIP"


auto_accident_2.jpg "Personal Injury Protection" or "PIP" payments for initial medical expenses, wage loss, and household services will be made under auto insurance policy of the car you were riding in (or driving) regardless of who was at fault for the collision.  A claim for these benefits should not increase your insurance premiums.  No payments will be made until an insurance claim has been opened and the PIP Application (which will be sent to you) is received by the insurance company.  When you fill out the application, keep all facts about the collision and your injuries very basic (i.e. neck and back injuries).  You must sign the release to have them obtain your medical records or they will not pay any benefits.  You do not need to sign the release to have them obtain your employment records unless you are making a claim for lost wages.


Medical Expenses


You should be entitled to at least $3,000.00 for reasonable and necessary medical expenses.  The applicable policy may have a higher PIP amount.  To obtain medical benefits under PIP, copies of your itemized bills must be sent to the insurance adjuster; accordingly, it is important to give the PIP insurance information to all medical providers who provide treatment for the accident.

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