Back Pain

Back Pain and Ways to Reduce It

Back pain is extremely common and can have a major impact on your quality of life. In fact, it is one of the most common complaints in the world. Whether it is contained to one section of your back or spreads over, back pain can keep you from participating in activities you previously enjoyed. We at Chiropractic USA, your chiropractor in Pleasant Grove, UT, want you to have relief from your back pain. Here are a few ways, such as spinal adjustment, to reduce your pain.


Gentle Exercise

While it might be tempting to lie still in bed all day, lack of movement can make back pain worse. Gentle exercise, especially stretching, can help make your muscles more supple and ease the pain. However, it is important that you choose your exercises carefully. If you choose the wrong ones, or try to exercise too much, you might cause the pain to get worse. If you don’t know which exercises to do, don’t worry! Our chiropractor can recommend some back-friendly exercises you can do to strengthen your muscles and reduce pain. 


If your back muscles hurt, heat can be a great way to relieve them. A heating pad can be used on the sore part of your back to warm up the muscles and make them feel better. Another great option is to take a hot bath.

A Massage

A massage is a non-invasive treatment that involves manipulating the muscles in a way that promotes circulation and relaxation. Increased circulation can help bring more nutrients to the muscles, helping them heal faster, while improved relaxation can help the whole body. To get a professional massage, you can contact our office or look for “massage therapy near me”.


If home remedies for back pain aren’t working, you should contact our chiropractor for help. Chiropractic care can involve any number of treatments. After they examine you, our chiropractor will offer chiropractic services like spinal adjustment and massages to help eliminate the pain. Our chiropractor can also offer lifestyle advice, providing information to improve your nutrition, exercise habits, and overall lifestyle.

Ease Your Back Pain Today

Back pain can have many negative impacts on your quality of life. If you are dealing with pain or looking for “massage therapy near me”, we at Chiropractic USA can help. As a chiropractor in Pleasant Grove, UT, we offer a range of services to take care of your back pain. Call us at (801) 785-7874 to make an appointment today!

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