Action Plan

If you have been in a Auto Accident in the last 6 months call us for a free consultation and we will throw in a free massage, even if we can't accept your case. 




auto_accident.jpg Auto-Accident Action Plan


  1. Avoid moving you car unless you are told by the police.
  2. Call 911 - Have your drivers' license and proof of insurance ready when you make the call.  Assess any injuries and inform the 911 operator of the situation.
  3. Once the authorities have been notified, write down the other driver's name, insurance details and policy number, as well as all information related to their car by filling out this form.
  4. Do not discuss accident details.  Avoid conversations or disputes surrounding the accident by not recounting the details with the other drivers and passengers, and never admit fault.
  5. The officer onsite will assess the accident and determine who is at fault.  They will then write a report and give you what is called an accident claim number.  It is very important to keep this information.
  6. Call your insurance company immediately.  Avoid talking about bodily injury with the insurance without advice from your Attorney.
  7. Make an appointment with your local Chiropractor to assess and treat injuries occurred during the accident. 

Protect Yourself


IF YOU ARE INJURED auto_accident_2.jpg

See your doctor immediately.  Additionally, you should return to each of you doctors as often as necessary and should always tell them about all your complaints.  You should not minimize your ailments to your doctors.  To know how to treat you effectively, your doctors need complete, honest information throughout the course of treatment.



You should make and keep a list of all your medical bills and the costs incurred in going to the doctor.  Additionally, keep a record and receipts for any other expenses you may have in connection with your accident, such as prescriptions, or other items ordered by your medical providers.



Should you require assistance with household duties due to your injuries, keep a record of the work that is done, the individual doing the work, and the money paid for the services.  Make sure you doctor is aware of your need for assistance and has documented the restrictions in your activities. 



Keep a daily or weekly journal of your complaints and progress.  This can be very helpful as it is difficult to recall this information at a later date.  The most important items are activities and tasks that you are now unable to do because of the pain (i.e. picking up you kids, mowing the lawn, playing sports, etc.)



Do not have your automobile repaired until you are sure that you have obtained pictures of it.  After pictures have been taken, have your collision insurance carrier repair your car.



Obtain a complete copy of the police report from the investigating police agency.  Make sure the report includes all witness statements and photographs.  Review the report to make sure it is accurate.  If there are changes that need to be made, contact the investigating officer immediately.


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