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"Foot Levelers Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers, sandle and shoethotic's are the best orthotics I have ever encountered.  They have made all the difference for me personally with my chronic knee pain, and have helped hundreds of my patients balance their posture and improve their function in the feet, lower legs, knees, hips, lowerback, and even TMJ.  I have used Foot Levelers products for over 15 years and am very happy with them.  Each set of orthotics are custom made and support all 3 arches of the feet."  Incredible!-----Dr. Moore  (for more information)

What our patients say!

"For years I have had knee pain when I play basketball.  Now I can play for hours without a bit of pain.  I was so surprised the first game I played that I recommend spinal pelvic stabilizers to everyone"---Quinn C.

"My feet don't get tired like they use too during the day, and having my pelvis balanced has improved my spine and my overall posture. Thanks Foot Levelers and thank you Dr. Moore."---Michelle J.

"Since I got these inserts my golf game has improved greatly...I will not play without them"---Jim O.

"I have Diabetes and have tried lots of hard plastic custom orthotics and other cheap store bought inserts.  Foot Levelers orthotics are so much more comfortable for me."---Rita S.

"They are much less expensive than I thought they would be...I love my Sandlethotics!"---Janelle S.


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